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COALIMEX Group - specialises in the integrated supply of industrial enterprises with coal products for energy and metallurgy, including processing; supply of technological equipment for mining, processing plants and industries; consultation services and strategic investments.

Сoordinated work of highly qualified specialists has allowed us to export 25 million tons of coal products from Vorkuta, Kuzbass and Kazakhstan to our customers over the last 20 years.

Today, we actively mine coal, participate in the processing of coal products, invest in the acquisition of coal assets, cooperate with the world's leading manufacturers of mining and quarry equipment, maintain cooperation with global consumers and partners.
mining, processing and trade in energy and coking coals, blast-furnace
Raw materials
supply of raw materials for metallurgy, industrial enterprises

Mining equipment
cooperation with global manufacturers

logistics solutions, international freight and insurance
supply of technological equipment for mining and processing

investments and financing of mining and metallurgical enterprises

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